Recoating is a sand free system of applying a fresh coat of finish on wood floors.


Removes old finish to seal and recoat or change colour.


Basic renewal, colour shift, spray painted or door replacement.

Recoating: Odorless, Dustless,

No Downtime

One day, no sanding, hardwood floor refinishing without the nightmare of airborne dust.  No Dust!  No Odor!  No Downtime!  Sanding and refinishing is no longer the only way or the best way to restore your hardwood floors.  No sanding wood flooring refinishing can be done in one day, involves zero fumes or dust, and costs about half as much as sanding.

Sanding: Low Odor

Certified GreenWe have helped many home owners sand their floors, removing scratches and changing colour.  Our residential projects include rooms of all shapes and sizes.



Cabinets: Odorless, Dustless,

No Downtime


Certified GreenThere are many options to choose from.  Best buy is a basic renewal followed by a colour shift.  Most are done in a day.  Colour change is popular, followed by our most popular cabinet door and drawer replacement.  This option change updates the look leaving you with a clean hingeless European look and costs the same as painting your older style doors.


Satisfaction Guaranteed 2 Year WarrantyComes with a 2 year warranty against chipping and peeling.


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No Downtime Floor Refinishing
Our projects have a quick turnaround time, so you won't have to close off your home or building for weeks in order to refinish your floors.


No Dust Floor Refinishing
Because we don't need to sand your floor in order to refinish, you won't have to deal with dust lying around your home or building.


No Odor Floor Refinishing
The urethane that we use to refinish your flooring has no odor, no flammability issues and dries quickly, so you can rest easy..