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ReNew Refinishing SystemsReNew Refinishing Systems                                                 Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that are designed to provide a better understanding of our systems and processes.  They provide basic information.  If you have a specific question that is not addressed in this section, please feel free to contact us.


Question:  What does ReNew Systems do?

Answer:  ReNew is a chemical wash and abrasive process to prepare the existing finish to receive a bonding coat to which the final coat of urethane can adhere.  It is done in 5 stages.  You will have the option of selecting the Base Grade Finish - which is an air-dried urethane or the Premium Finish used on Brunswick's bowling alleys, which is a catalyzed water-based urethane.  With both finishes, we will perform Phases 1-5.  The purpose of Phases 1-3 is not to remove the existing finish, but to soften and clean the surface to prepare it to receive a new finish.  The existing finish may come up, due to the abrasive pads, if it does not have a good bond to the wood, but the purpose is not to remove the existing finish, and removing the finish is not necessary.  Phase 4 is a bond coat and prepares the floor for the 5th stage which is the finish.

Question:  How durable is it?

Answer:  We feel the premium finish will last 6-8 years.  You may still scratch the surface, but considering the whole floor, we are confident you will experience satisfactory appearance retention for the time frame we recommend.  You are getting a very expensive, very durable finish designed for the special need of bowling alleys, but you can choose a satin, semi-gloss or gloss finish.

Question:  Can I get an idea of how my floor will look?

Answer:  Yes.  Wet a paper towel.  Rub it on the worst areas of the floors.  In 5 seconds, before the water begins to dry, you will get an idea of how the GLOSS finish will look.

Question:  How long until I can walk on the floor?

Answer:  You can walk on your floor in fresh socks, in about 4 hours.  The floor is 90% cured in 24 hours.

Question:  Can I be in the house?

Answer:  There is no problem with odor, but you shouldn't walk on the floor while we're doing the work.  At the least, you'll introduce dirt to the processed floors.  After the technician leaves, you can walk on the floors, in socks, in 4 hours.  You can walk on the floors in shoes in 8 hours and move your furniture back after 8 hours, rugs need to wait 24 hours.

Question:  I think I have nice wood under my carpet, what can I do?

Answer:  We've been very pleased to find out that protecting the wood underneath, is one of the great qualities of carpet.  We've found that when we take up the carpet, we can, with only a little extra work, fill the mail holes from the tackless strips and repair isolated boards.  Other times the floor is damaged and my need local repairs and full sanding.

Question:  Will it get rid of scratches?

Answer:  Maybe.  ReNew is focused at the existing finish.  If the scratches are in the finish, they will be removed.  If the scratches are in the wood, they will not be removed.  ReNew only works on the finish, not on the wood itself.  But since dirt accumulates in the scratches and after we clean and remove the dirt and add the urethane, the scratches in the wood are diminished.

Question:  Will it work on engineered wood?

Answer:  Absolutely.  In fact, ReNew is the only method that can refinish an engineered floor offering multiple finishes.  Because the wear layer is so thin, you can't afford to sand it.  We only affect the layer above the wood, this is perfect!  It is the only method that can refinish these types of floors.  Handscraped / Distressed.

Question:  Will it work on hardwood that has been sanded before and is too thin to sand again?

Answer:  Absolutely.  In fact, we feel ReNew is the only method that can refinish sanded wood floors because the wear layer is so thin, you can't sand it again.

Question:  Can you repair localized damage?

Answer:  Yes.  We have replaced boards, had-scraped boards, sanded boards, stained the affected areas, and then performed the 5 step process on the whole floor.  I you don't expect a perfect match of new wood to old, it works beautifully.

Question:  How do you deal with stair treads and risers?

Answer:  We do stair treads and risers by hand.

Question:  What is curing?

Answer:  It hardens from the top down.  Therefore, the urethane may feel dry, bit it isn't hard.  As the hardening continues downward, the urethane is curing.  The urethane is more than 50% cured in 4 hours, 90% cured in 24 hours.  100% curing occurs in 48 hours.

Question:  Should I install new quarter round?

Answer:   If we are taking up carpet and pad, probably the existing quarter round has already bee taken up.  In this case, we can install new quarter round.  We will quote if requested.

Question:  I have gaps between the boards, will the ReNew process fill these gaps?

Answer:  No.  Most wood gaps are there to compensate for normal expansion and contraction.

Question:  What finishes and sheens are available?

Answer:  We have 3 sheens, satin, semi-gloss and gloss.  Gloss is used in heavy duty commercial spaces like gyms.  Semi-gloss has a lot of sheen but doesn't look like glass.  Can be used commercially or residentially.  Satin is very little bit of sheen, but creates a beautiful, mellow look.  Best for hiding dog scratches.  Adds a nice patina to the wood.  Matte is not recommended and has no sheen.  Doesn't look like there is any finish on the wood.  We use for museums only.

Question:  Will you move furniture?

Answer:  Yes we move furniture and will quote you if requested.

Question:  What should I do with my dog?

Answer:  It would be nice for your dog to have an overnight.

Question:  Will it fill holes in the floor?

Answer:  No and yes.  It will fill the staple holes.  It will not fill bevels between boards or major gouges in the wood from previous problems.

Question:  Will it remove paint?

Answer:  Phase 1 will loosen the paint but it is the mechanic who will us different chemicals to remove the paint.  It will not remove paint on the gym floor.  It has removed oversprayed paint.  Your technician will have special chemicals on his truck to remove the paint as quickly as possible.


Recoating is a sand free system of applying a fresh coat of finish on wood floors.


Removes old finish to seal and recoat or change colour.


Basic renewal, colour shift, spray painted or door replacement.