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Hardwood Floor Refinishing


Services Flooring Step 1 - Preparation


Services Flooring Step 2 - Deep Cleaning


Services Flooring Step 3 - Rinse


Remove old carpet and move furniture when requested.  We cut the carpet up into 3 foot rolls for your weekly garbage pickup.  Carpentry work, replace boards and make any repairs to the floor when requested.  Installation of new quarter round when requested.



Deep Cleaning

We us a compact and powerful floor cleaning machine that can be used on all types of wood.  Along with a cleaning solutions, it can remove the toughest dirt and surface contamination.  It does not remove the old finish and does not sand the floor which = NO DUST



We deep clean the floor with machine, then rinse the floor with water.


Services Flooring Step 4 - Squeaky Clean


Services Flooring Step 5 - Bonding Agent


Services Flooring Step 6 - Pick Your Finish

Squeaky Clean

The second solution is applied to the floor in the same manor using the machine and leaving the floor squeaky clean.  NO DUST.


Bonding Agent

The bonding agent is applied using a mop.  This forms a chemical bond for the new finish to adhere to the old finish.  Again NO DUST.  We let dry for an hour.

Pick Your Finish

Then finish is applied to the floor using an applicator.  It is the fastest curing finish on the market.  It is available in three sheens: satin, semi-gloss and gloss.  You can walk on it with socks in 4 hours and replace furniture.  Rugs should be replaced after 24 hours.


Kitchen Cabinets


Services Cabinets Step 1 - Basic Renewal

  Services Cabinets Step 2 - Colour Shift   Services Cabinets Step 3 - Colour Change
Basic Renewal

Technician will rid cabinets of dirt, scratches and add colour to match existing colour, then apply a clear protective water based urethane.


Colour Shift

Technician will complete the basic renewal then add colour toner to shift the colour to customers request and then apply a clear protective water based urethane.


Colour Change

Technician will rid cabinets of dirt, scratches and sand.  Then we spray paint 2 coats of primer, sanding between coats with final sand to 320, then spray top coat to desired colour.  Hinges and knobs can be upgraded or even new doors can be made for a totally new look with out the expense.




  Technician will sand floor with 40 grit, 70 grit or 100 grit, then apply two coats of a commercial grade sealer, then buff and raise.  Final coat is a water based catalized finish.


If a colour change is requested, we follow the steps above but add a colour to the floor before the sealer.

There are 20 plus colours to choose from.








Recoating is a sand free system of applying a fresh coat of finish on wood floors.


Removes old finish to seal and recoat or change colour.


Basic renewal, colour shift, spray painted or door replacement.